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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about pregnancy and childbirth.

What is a midwife and how can she help you?
Where do I find a midwife?
How and where do I find a doula?
What are my birth rights?
What is a birth plan/birth wish?
Can a midwife advise on breastfeeding?
During which week of pregnancy should I contact a midwife?
Which examinations during pregnancy are mandatory?
Who can accompany me to the maternity hospital?
Can my midwife accompany me to the maternity hospital?
Can a midwife perform newborn screening?
How does prenatal care work in the Czech Republic? Who provides it?
Where and how frequently do prenatal check-ups take place?
What do I need to do before giving birth in the Czech Republic?
Can I bring someone to stay with me during labor? If so, who?
What documents do I need to bring with me on the day of delivery?
Where should I turn if I need social or legal advice?
Where should I turn if my pregnancy doesn’t go as expected?
What social benefits are associated with childbirth in the Czech Republic? Who is eligible to receive them, and under what circumstances?
How does paying for pregnancy and childbirth-related healthcare services work in the Czech Republic?
How will I communicate with healthcare professionals if I don't speak Czech?
Where should I turn if I need legal services?
Obstetric violence
What is Obstetric violence?
How to prevent obstetric violence?
I experienced obstetric violence, what should I do? How do I come to terms with it?
My first delivery ended in a C-section, but I would like to give birth to my second child vaginally. My doctor, however, says that I can only give birth by C-section from now on.
After my first delivery, the doctor only showed my daughter to me for a short time, right after birth, and then she was kept on the neonatal ward until I was transferred from the delivery room to the postnatal ward. I would like to prevent that for my second delivery. What can I do to make sure my baby is with me right from birth?
During labor, my doctor examined me vaginally several times, but each time it was painful. When I mentioned it, he said it was normal. I understand that being vaginally examined during labor is uncomfortable, but I would rather refuse it when giving birth again in the future. Does it really always have to hurt?
I'm pregnant for the first time, but I'm already 41 years old. The pregnancy is going smoothly, and the baby was conceived naturally. Yet my doctor recommends a C-section because of my age. Is age really such a risk factor that I cannot give birth vaginally?
I would like to choose the position for the birth of my baby myself. Can medical staff coerce me into a specific position? I've heard it's happening.
My friend told me her midwife examined her vaginally during labor on an observation ward among other women. I am pregnant now, and I worry it might happen to me as well. I don’t want anyone “eyeing” me. I know that I probably won't care at that point due to labor pains, but still, do you think it could happen to me?
Everyone advises me to familiarize the medical staff of my chosen hospital with my birth plan before labor. But I'm worried that it will look bad and they will think I’m ridiculous. Is making a birth plan even worth it?
Is it possible for a doctor to inform me of my health condition in the waiting room in front of other patients? I’ve experienced it before, and it made me very uncomfortable.
Is it possible for a doctor to inform me of my health condition in the waiting room in front of other patients? I’ve experienced it before, and it made me very uncomfortable.At what point must I stay in the hospital with the baby after delivery, even though I want to go home? Can they keep me detained in the hospital? Inform social services?
Can I ever get separated from my baby even if I don't want to?
My doctor suggests an intervention or procedure that I don't agree with. What are my options if I don’t want to go along with the proposed care?
Can my doctor refuse to provide care if I disagree with the proposed course of care?
I have a medical condition, and my doctor downplays my fears of complications during labor and mocks me for being afraid of pain. Where can I get support and more information?
I agreed to labor induction under pressure, and now I feel remorse and doubt. Can I still withdraw my consent?
A medical staff member did a screening of my baby without my knowledge. I didn't find out until I heard back from my doctor. Did they have the right to do that?
Help in a crisis
Help in a crisis